A Bit of Background

Now that the website is up and running I feel it’s time to do something I’m not very good at, talking about myself! I love a bit of a back story and getting to know people I follow online so here’s me giving back to you. I’ll introduce you to “the team” and a bit of a story about the horses of my life, and how they’ve got me to where I am now; how that’s influenced me deciding to make Kick-On Cards. There should be some pretty pictures along the way!

I’ll start from the beginning with me. I’m Felicity, I’m currently 26, but I can never remember that for sure. I have a BSc degree in equine breeding and stud management which I studied at Writtle College in Essex. I’ve spent most of my life living in Essex but I was born in Suffolk and returned this way at the beginning of 2016 to live the dream and have horses on a private yard. They haven’t made it into my own back garden yet but they’re at my mum’s which is the next best thing considering we’ve been at livery yards since we got our first mother daughter share in 2006 (maybe?! My memory isn’t my best feature!).  I can be found on a quad bike most days, getting hay and bedding; harrowing, topping, seeding and weeding. A lot of hard work goes into running a yard and we normally end up spending far more time mucking out than any actual riding! But I love it and I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t live the horsey life. The yard currently consists of my step-dads 17.2hh beast Joshua, he’s mostly retired and enjoys being rude to passing joggers and knocking over his field water bucket. We still have my first Pony Liberty, a typical cheeky New Forest pony, also a typical grey who is trying to be bay. My mums horse Jillie, or sicknote, the poor thing is only 8 and has already had a kissing spine operation and bilateral navicular. If she could just stay sound she would be an incredible jumping horse. My mare Baby, a feisty chestnut mare who I’ve owned since a foal. Last but not least is my daughters loan pony Millie. I said I didn’t want her to have a pony until she was older but my mum convinced me otherwise so we ended up with the 20 going on 2 year old cheeky welsh A. She’s actually so much fun to have on the yard, she can easily fit in the feed room and likes to help herself when we’re not looking. I live in a lovely little village with my husband, daughter and pony sized dog, oh and some fish. We’re quite new here still but we’re slowly getting to know people and I’m now on the PTA for the nursery school which feels all very grown up! As I write this I also happen to be very much pregnant with number 2 due in September!

My horsey life started early, my mum has been horsey from the minute she saw one as a child, but with non -horsey parents she wasn’t able to do more than riding school for a long time. She had a loan pony called Treasure before I was born, but she was sold. So when I came along me and my brothers were all encouraged to try riding too. I liked it but was easily bored of trotting to the back of the line (not much has changed there) so I would stop and try ballet or karate and then go back to it a few months later, and the pattern continued for a few years. I really got the bug when we moved to the sticks and I joined a Pony Club. My mum seized the moment and bought our first pony to share when I was 14, so I was a bit later to the game than some. I have to admit the teenager in me struggled with being up against kids much younger than me who were much better than me, at that age it didn’t really sink in how lucky I was to have a pony in the first place!

Since then there have been a few special horses and ponies in my life and I’ll be doing a series of blogs to introduce them to you, as they all hold a very special place in my heart and I have far too much to say about each of them to fit in this post. They’ve made me who I am, including the existence of Kick-On Cards, but that’s definitely a story for my most recent horse!

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